Azec Vinyl post. Includes large black steel mailbox. Comes attached with a newspaper holder underneath.

Price: $465

the basic

Our Basic model is 4x4 Pressure treated lumber, with a standard mailbox mounted on top.

Price: $165       

Multi-box (Customizable)

Multi-box posts are made of pressure treated wood, so they will withstand all types of weather. Perfect for community sharing and can hold up to 5 mailboxes. 

Price: Call for quote     

the All in one

The All in one has front and rear access, and also comes with a newspaper holder underneath. Color choice of Green or Black.

Price: $200    


 The victorian

This mailpost and box is rust-proof cast aluminum with stainless steel hardware. Powder coat black finish. Will be cemented in the ground

Price: $420

​*​Mailbox Included!*

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This 5X5 cedar post is much sturdier than the classic standard that we offer. It is about 8 feet long, and goes about 3-3 1/2 feet in the ground. Comes with a pointed top, but, if requested, can come with a cap (for an additional $25).

Price: $375      

Pat's Posts


the DUET

We can do duet mailboxes on all our posts but why not spice it up a bit. This 5x5 premium vinyl is 7' and will hold 2 mailboxes on both sides of the post.

Price: $610

* All prices include removal of old post, installation of new post and a standard mailbox​​

​Mailbox installation and Repairs 

​*Now accepting Apple Pay and Venmo*

We offer disposal of your old post for an extra $15. With this optional upgrade, we will get rid of your old post for you!

the Classic

The Classic model is 7ft pressure treated lumber. With 2 ft in the ground the classic model is very secure.

Price: $185    


Now offering! 6" square Granite New Hampshire made post is very durable, with a vinyl arm bar.

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 The Premium

The Premium comes in either vinyl, or cedar wood. Our best post offered. Posts 4 1/2" square for cedar and 5 1/2 square for vinyl.

Price: Cedar (white only) $395

​          Vinyl ~ starting at $435

Call for Quote!

Please note that the lettering shown on our premium mailboxes are not included in the price. They are from Walpole Woodworkers and are an extra $40. 

Our basic numbers are free of charge, and automatically come with every installation unless specified otherwise. 

With the purchase of our Painted Classic, you will get metal numbers that are nailed into the post free of charge.

the painted classic

A 4x4 painted pressure treated classic. Includes standard Mailbox and number on side of post.

Price: $265