Lettering shown on post is not included

6" New Hampshire made granite posts.

Comes with Vinyl arm bar (mailbox not included)

Granite repairs differ, as some need new holes drilled into the granite. Others can just have a new bracket installed into the old holes. We ask if you could send a picture and a description of what you would like, we will then be able to give you a quote.

Granite Engraving

A 50% deposit is required to order a new granite post

Price: $550​

6" square granite post. Price includes metal arm bar and standard large box.

*Important Disclosure: With granite repairs, there is a small chance that by drilling into the post, the post could crack. If this happens, we are not liable to cover any of the damages. Please keep this in mind when hiring us for a granite repair.

A deposit for $390 is required to order a new granite post

Granite Repairs

Delivery takes approximately 3 weeks and is delivered straight to your house. 

Repair kit includes vinyl arm bar, mounting board, and screws. Does not include mailbox or numbers

Front of post engraving: $110

Includes up to four numbers

Sides of post engraving:

$165 for first side

$90 for second side

Includes up to four numbers. 

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Premium Granite Posts

Temporary Posts​ - Click Here

Engraved posts takes about 3-4 weeks after post is ordered

​Mailbox installation and Repairs 

A 50% deposit is required to order granite engraving

Price: $840​

​*Now accepting Apple Pay and Venmo*

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